Roxanne’s Story

We’d like to introduce you to the lovely founder of Tres Belle Beauty: Roxanne Wilson. She began this special company and added to the team like-minded professionals who shared in her vision. Here’s a little more about Roxanne in her own words!

My Personal Story

After I had worked with a structured spa for a period of time, I knew that I needed to branch out and become a freelance makeup artist. It also saddened me that brides were required to pay exorbitant fees to have hair and makeup services come to them on their special day. I strongly desired to be directly on-site with the bride to provide a beautiful environment on her wedding day. Building my own company would allow for a team of artists to join me in delivering fully personalized service that most spas could not adequately provide at their physical locations.

My primary goal in establishing the business was to enable clients to experience less stress by having one platform for clients to request their wedding/event needs, performing most services at the client’s preferred location, and while ultimately, having a bride feel very beautiful on their special day.

The French phrase “tres belle,”meaning “very beautiful,” truly helped to capture this goal and it was the inspiration for the company’s name, Tres Belle Beauty.

Although my original vision was initially limited to a hair, makeup and photography team, I found that God created a path for the business that I didn’t even dream about: A company that would bring together artists such as floral designers, videographers, invitation designers, and event/wedding planners as one full-service team passionately committed to meeting the specific needs of a client. Within just a few months, wonderful and experienced artists were being referred to me, each of them expressing their dedication to working as a full-service team for the enhancement of how the wedding and event service industry performs.

-Roxanne Wilson, Founder of Tres Belle Beauty

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