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Congratulations and welcome to the planning of your wedding!!!

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Engagement Photo of Marleny Rodriguez (Tres Belle’s Cosmetologist) and Ian Chung (Tres Belle’s Marketing Advisor)


Let’s Keep Calm and Carry On with planning your wedding!

Thanks to fellow Blogger, Melanie Pinola, she writes tips on what past brides and wedding planners wish they could pass on to the “newly-engaged”:

1. You are going to disagree with, or offend Someone (And that’s ok!) during the planning of your wedding and maybe even during your wedding.

  • As Melanie’s mentions in her blog post, “Try to strike that delicate balance between knowing the wedding isn’t just about you and knowing that it is, in the end, your day.”

2. Guess What’s Just as Bad as Being Bridezilla? Being Indecisive!

  • One of the biggest reasons that brides are indecisive is the belief that they will actually be able to please everyone. You can’t please everyone or be perfect, so make decisions! And, keep in mind that by making timely decisions, you may avoid additional expenses.

3.  Splurge on the Most Important Things

  • A couple of years ago, a couple who really wanted a horse and carriage to complete their Cinderella-themed wedding ran into budget constraints. Well, we took the pumpkin budget and rolled with it until a carriage was ready and waiting. By focusing on the couple’s most important desire and reallocating the money that would have been spent on temporary indulgences, that money brought the couple a timeless memory that will not soon be forgotten by anyone!
4. Vet Your Wedding Vendors As Thoroughly As Possible
  • Remember that this is your wedding so while it’s great to receive recommendations and deals, make certain that the vendors are catering to your needs and desires. Ask for prior client references.

5. Make Checklists, especially of Photographs You Want

  • There are just so many sources such as Pinterest and Instagram that provide tips, advice, and beautiful ideas. Consolidate ideas, pictures, and tips into checklists to prioritize for your wedding day. see tip 9.
6. Skip the Rituals That Don’t Really Matter to You
  • Melanie’s advice about skipping rituals that don’t matter to you or your guests is so important. Just remember that this is your wedding and while there are guidelines to assist in planning your special day, there are no requirements.
7. Take It Easy with the Wedding Registry
  • Enough said…Focus on the items that you will really use and choose registries where the most guests could actually shop/participate.
8. Plan for the Worst
  • Our business philosophy aligns with Melanie’s statement that you should “have a backup of everything possible.”  Have you thought about what you would do if there were a problem with the food, venue, transportation, etc.?  What if “Aunt Sally” has a medical emergency, the weather suddenly changed, or you spilled wine on your wedding dress?! What then? Have a backup plan! Our planners are experienced in resolving these and other unforeseen circumstances.
9.  step#1-Delegate. step#2-Delegate. step#3-Delegate.
  • Do you remember the advice that Melanie shared about checklists? Well, being in 2, 3, or more places at once to complete all the checklists that you’ve made is impossible so don’t forget to have a Task List to determine when each list is completed and by whom. You and your planner must delegate certain responsibilities to your wedding party, family, friends; and also decide how to communicate when delegated tasks are still incomplete, or have been checked off.
10. Don’t Break Your Ankle the Day Before Your Wedding
  • Please take care of yourself and don’t schedule dangerous, unfamiliar, or unusual activities shortly before your wedding. For example, think about scheduling chemical peels far in advance; certain peels or facials may cause skin irritations. Exploring adventure sports is great fun, however, you may want to postpone, especially first time experiences, until after the wedding to avoid injury. Lastly, as Melanie mentions in her blog post: “Seriously, take care of yourself and try not to stress. Your wedding day is going to be amazing…”
 So to the “Newly-Engaged”, one of the biggest tips that we can provide is to leave the fear behind, Tres Belle is here to provide you with professional and elegant design, planning, beauty, photography, and videography services for your special day! Transforming the “Newly-Engaged” into the “Newly-Wed” 1 tip at a time. We do!

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