Fun Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

So is it time to start planning your bachelorette party or start passing some hints towards your bridesmaids about what you want to do for your bachelorette party? Well we have been looking into fun and exciting bachelorette party ideas from our brides and those around us that have been to bachelorette parties. Hope these spark some creativity and if you need help planning them or if you want your hair or makeup done for some of them feel free to contact our site and let us know. 😉

1. Team up with the men. Who ever said that the two parties had to be separate. This will also help you in reducing the cost since both parties will be together. It may be hard for some women and men to believe, but both genders sometimes enjopy doing the same activities.


2. Scent party. So this one will sound a bit weird, but one of the big trends of bachelorette parties is to make your own fragrance. You and your bridesmaids can have signature fragrance for your wedding.


3. Cattle Ranching. So the men do this for their bachelor parties, so I guess it is a surprise to see it on this list. Why do guys get to have all of the fun of doing all of the outdoor stuff for their parties?

cattle rancher

4. Flying Trapeze Party. This idea maybe a bit extreme for some people, but brides and their friends are opting for this daring alternative to the traditional party at a bar.


5. Traveling Bachelorette Party.  This may sound like a simple idea, but it can be a creative or simple as you want. You can start at a friends house and move around from house to house to do different activities if you live close together. If you you live farther apart, you can move from manicurist to hairdresser, to clothing store to whatever other event you want to do.


6. Do a Glamour Shots Bachelorette Party. Since everyone will be on their phone using Instagram and Pinterest, why not go to a photo studio or hire a photographer to do some glamour shots for you and your bridesmaids.  You can dress up in elaborate costumes of your choosing whether it be with your theme or just wacky. You can even keep your costumes for your night out on the town.


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