Covering up Scars for Your Big Day



Everyone has a scar, acne or something on their face or body that they would like to cover on their special day.  The trick is learning how to cover it the right way.  We have had a couple brides recently who have  requested our services to cover tattoos and scars, so we decided to write this post to help you on your special day and possibly every other day as well.


Scars have a different texture than the rest of your skin. Concealer and foundation can often hide redness and other hyper-pigmentation associated with scarring, but because of the uneven texture they cannot conceal that. To smooth the scarred area, you should start with a foundation primer. We recommend a silicone-based formula foundation primers that will fill in the scar so that your skin will appear smooth. To have the best coverage, you should apply a small amount to scar as well. The primer will also help with covering tattoos as well.

CC – Color Correct

Another step before foundation and concealer is to apply color corrector. These are very similar to concealers in texture and come in many different colors. They come in varying colors like green, yellow and lavender to help counteract multiple different skin discolorations. If your scar has red undertones then you should choose a green CC, if your scar has purple or blue undertones then you should choose the yellow CC, and if your scar has yellow bruising then you should use the lavender CC. Then also applies to your tattoo and the overall color scheme of your tattoo. You should pat on the CC with your finger instead of a sponge. This helps the CC blend better in the next step.

Blend it Together

Now you need to use the right type of concealer on top of the color corrector. From my research, it has shown that a thicker creamy formula works best to conceal scarring and helps create a smoother overall texture. Some people opt for the water-resistance concealer depending on when and were they are having their special day. Again use your finger to pat the concealer over your scar, but if you have a very small scar then you can use a brush for more accurate coverage.

Set it

Always use a setting powder to lock what you have just done in place. This should be a lightweight translucent powder that does not add anymore color to the spot. You can apply it with a fluffy brush and gently tap it over the scar, so that you do no mess up the concealer and color corrector that you just applied. These same steps will works for covering tattoos. If you want to try and tackle this on your own then I hope this article proves to be helpful to you. If you would like some help on your big day then please do not hesitate to send us an email letting us know that you would like some help. I am not a makeup artists, but our makeup team might know a few more tricks than these to best cover tattoos and scars if you need some help.


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