Design-Era 101


Ever feel overwhelmed by all the wedding terms like, Georgian, Regency or Victorian? Some of the words may sound familiar, but others may just sound silly. Well, I am here to help you navigate through the different types of design era types of weddings, and some style interpretations of those design eras.

  1. Georgian(1714 -1830, England) Think about matching with decadent flair. Use refined colors, fans on the chairs, Chippendale type chairs, and bridesmaids dresses that emphasize the waistline that will help unify your theme. Style Interpretation: Signature shade is either a lilac or a pale pink and your bridesmaids carry monochromatic bouquets. The groom and his groomsmen wear formal attire, but in a light color. The reception can be held in a tent with paper lanterns hanging above the dance floor.
  2. Regency(1750 – 1850, England) This is a classic and timeless era. You will make a refined statement with brass and marble during this era. Style Interpretation: Think a ballroom affair. Black tie is optional with a mix of round table and rectangles. Set the tables with simple gold rimmed china. Chandeliers and lighting to accentuate the cascading table arrangements.
  3. Victorian (1837-1901, England) Think Queen of England meets Newport mansion. White lace and orange blossom help infuse a romantic setting with a sophisticated edge. Style Interpretation: Color palette is full of pastels and you welcome unexpected elegance, such as tables with vintages teapots holding fluffy pink and white peonies. Think about using clustered floral or damask linens.
  4. Belle Epoque(Late 1800s, France) The highlight of this era is french cafe and nightlife. Style Interpretation: Use charming round bistro tables. Mix casual touches with some ornate touches, such as heavy velvet curtain to separate cocktail hour from the reception.
  5. Hollywood Glamour(Late Nineteenth Century to Mind-Twentieth Century. United States) Lighting should be flattering and sparkle is key. You should use jewel tone colors and lacquer as essentials. You should make it so that Elizabeth Taylor would feel comfortable at your wedding. Style Interpretation: Black and White photos should be around the cocktail area, and you should include old photos of your older family members on their weddings days. Metallic details and mirrors could be placed around the ceremony and/or reception. The tables should be mostly squares or rectangles with votives and lanterns running down the center of the tables.
  6. Art Deco(1925 – 1939, Europe and United States) Lavish and Opulent are the idea here. Black and white are a key to this era. Style Interpretation: Work the black and white parquet floor, but do not be afraid from the bright pops of accent colors like magenta or sunny yellow. Add a mirror to the base of your centerpieces to add a bit of sparkle to your reception tables to give an extra touch to your art deco theme.
  7. Fifties(1950s, United States) Everything is over the top! Bold, fun, and fashionable and bright retro syle. Style Interpretation: Turquoise and bubble gum pink with a pop of tangerine. You have a bit of a colorful flair. Your save-the-date can resemble a retro postcard. On your invites, you should include a line for people to be able to request a song from the DJ and surprise the guests with a photobooth.
  8. Pop Art(Late 1950s, United States) Use graphics and overemphasize color. Using Warhol prints are the go-to prints for this era. Style Interpretation: This may sound odd but cheery red, lime green, and sunny yellow all go together, and would be perfect colors for your wedding. Your invitation should have some dimension to it. There could be a bloom on the front of the invitation that pops out when you open it or a simple embossed design. You should use oversized fonts, bold colors and graphics. For your escort cards you could have your favorite modern prints on them to help your guests locate which table they are seated at.
  9. Minimalist(Late 1960s – Early 1970s, United States) The old saying is less is more and you take that saying to heart. You should emphasize clear lines and natural colors and elements. Style Interpretations: An all white wedding just says sophistication, and your details will come in with the textures you bring in, such as cable knit or linens. The lighting will also play a key factor. Some of your go-to flowers should be hydrangeas, garden roses, ranunculus and orchids.

This all may be a little overwhelming. You may be thinking how would you be able to actually be able to pull off the era theme and keep track of all the little details down to the invitations to the table settings. Feel free to call our Tres Belle Planning team for assistance. Our team is dedicated to helping you keep track of all the little things and helping you keep your theme throughout your entire wedding.


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