Being the M.O.H. (Maid of Honor)


It finally happened!  Your best friend just got engaged and you could not be any happier for her. She has asked you to be her maid of honor and of course you said yes, because of course what kind of friend would you be if you had said no. Well, do you really know what you just signed up for? There are a lot of responsibilities that go into being a maid of honor or MOH. Below we will list some of the responsibilities that  a MOh must do but it is not a full list. The full list is up to each bride to determine.

  1. Plan the Shower – The shower is a big deal for most brides because it is when family and friends come together to show their support and love for the couple about to get married.  As a MOh, you would need to make sure it follows the same theme as the wedding in small bits not the entirety but it should be similar so that it all has a cohesive feel to it.
  2. Let people know about the registry – Especially before the shower but just in general so that the couple does not end up with 5 of the same toasters.
  3. Plan the Bachelorette Party- Should your friend want one and to her recommendations
  4. Go to whatever meeting the bride asks of you ESPECIALLY the DRESS! Most brides would take their moms but a MOH is typically a best friend and like a sister to a bride so they will value your opinion and would want you to be there. If you go dress shopping with the bride then you should remember that it is her day and you should try to go with what she thinks is best for her.
  5. AS “Chief” Bridesmaid you would delegate the tasks out to other bridesmaids. The bride will need help doing many things and the list can be too long for one person to handle on their own so feel free to enlist the help of the other bridesmaids. You should also coordinate the bridesmaids dress fittings to make sure that they are all getting the right dress and that the dresses will come in on time.
  6. Be the bride’s right hand. She will get overwhelmed and stressed out very easily while trying to plan her own wedding and you will have to be strong to help her though it.  Voice your opinion where you think it is appropriate and hold your tongue where you think that is best.

We also have a few tips for the being the best MOH during the wedding. These will make your friend and her family and friends want you to e their MOH forever.

  • Know that a particular family member is a real talker? Know that the bride does not have all night to talk to them? Be on the offensive. You or one of the other bridesmaids should intervene and steer the conversation so that the bride can get away.
  • Keep the mother calm. She will be the most stressed and worried person in the room. Use your own ways to keep her calm. Our suggestion is to hire our planning team to ease the stress off of everyone so that you can relax and enjoy your night.
  • Leave dad alone. Dads tend to internalize things while moms externalize everything. If he needs a minute or two to himself let him, and then have a cold one waiting for him when he gets back.
  • Do not forget the mother of the groom as well. She is giving away her son. She will be just as worried and stressed. Give them a hug and send them in each others direction so that they can cry and hug each other and talk about it together.
  • Have an emergency kit ready. Something will go wrong at the wedding. I am not saying to be prepared for a crazy blizzard. I am just saying have a kit that has band-aids, deodorant, mouthwash, stain pen, blotting papers, tweezers, hand warmers, etc. Little things that could go wrong.
  • Laugh about the flower girls and rig bearers. They are just little kids and though you may be stressed after dealing with all the wedding details the kids are just kids.
  • Make sure you know about transportation. When do you need to leave the hotel? How are you getting to the ceremony? Reception? What about your clothes after you get hair and makeup done? What about bride and groom after reception? What about guests that cannot drive home? The key to success is in the details.
  • Most importantly! Make sure the bride eats something on the day of the wedding. Many brides are so nervous and anxious they forget to eat. Even if it is something small, it will be better than going the whole day on a n empty stomach.

Being an MOH can be stressful at times and it is very stressful for a bride who is trying to do it on her own as well. Our team of planners has an array of planning experince and will work with you to help take the stress off your shoulders so that you can enjoy your time and have fun. It is a special time you are watching your friend getting married and you both should enjoy these months not be at each other’s throats most of the time. Contact Tres Belle Weddings and we will help you and the bride with the stress of planning the wedding.

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