Easy Elegance: Adding Luxury to Your Reception Space

A simple thought to remember when you want to create elegance from a
plain space is to keep the “frame” in mind. You simply need elements
to adorn the top and bottom of your reception area.

Fabric draping from the “top” of the ceiling, which could include lighting creates a classic, regal effect for your event. I recommend using voile, as this fabric is more substantial than tulle, drapes well, but it is
still lightweight.

Chiavari chairs are an elegant way to provide seating for your guests, and they adequately reflect the beauty of the moment.

Elegant tablescapes are also a unique way to elevate the “bottom” of your space.

We’ll have more on tablescapes in future posts, but for now, consider having full place settings at each guest’s place, even when your reception is buffet style.

–Rhoda Dixon, Event Planner

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