We Remember September 11, 2001: Honoring Military Marriage

Tres Belle Beauty Remembers September 11 by Honoring Military Marriage Today, Tres Belle Beauty remembers the victims of September 11, 2001, and we honor those who serve as members of our armed forces. We are humbled by their many sacrifices and their commitment to freedom.

She’s from California, and he’s from Pennsylvania. Together, Joe and Jeanne Gorlin serve as members of the United States Army.

Jeanne Gorlin (just married this year), received hair and makeup services from Tres Belle Beauty for her wedding, and we are grateful to share a bit of her story with you as one of our Real Weddings. Most importantly, we commend Jeanne for her exceptional service to her country.

Joe and Jeanne first met in college, in the United States Military Academy where a foundation of friendship occurred before they began dating a year and half after they met.

Joe is now an Armor officer (tanks) and Jeanne is a pediatrician in the Medical Corps. Although neither grew up with a significant military background, they each had a desire to serve from the time they were young. They both knew there would be educational opportunities in the military, and that serving would be a tangible way to serve their country.

Dating…and the best of friends

“We knew we were meant to be married because we both felt like we were dating our best friend.  We could talk to each other about anything, and the other would at least try to understand.”

Although married, their assignments within the army have not enabled the to actually live in the same location. Yet when they are together Joe and Jeanne enjoy hiking, running, camping, and watching movies. And yes, both of them are marathon runners!

They both affectionately tease each other for some of their more unique hobbies: Joe teases Jeanne for completing jigsaw puzzles and occasionally knitting, and for her part, Jeanne teases Joe for painting small figurines.

A Special Tradition

“Any time we visit Joe’s family in Pennsylvania, we make it a point to stop by the local Amish farmer’s market for homemade soft pretzels. If we don’t get around to it on our trip, it just doesn’t feel complete!”

Joe and Jeanne, Tres Belle Beauty wishes you the very best in your new marriage, and we thank you for your continued to service to our country.

-Rhoda Dixon, Event Planner

A special thanks to LMarie Photography for Jeanne and Joe Krick’s wedding photos.

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