Wood Ya Look at those Signs!

We all know Pinterest is one of the first resources all brides, grooms, maids, moms, calligraphers, third cousins second wives, etc. tend to use while planning their wedding. That website has ideas for almost everything, so who wouldn’t use it?! After you have gone through and started creating boards for nuptial necessities, the superfluous yet desired pieces’ creep into your feeds. One of the most fun of those pieces being, signage!  Now what do I mean when I say signage- “Welcome to Our Wedding”, or directionals that tell you which way to go for specific activities, and even perhaps something to sign as an unconventional guest book!

While trends have been evolving quite a bit over the past few wedding seasons, one of the most popular options for signage is wood. Whether it is a sheet of pine from the lumber department at your local Home Depot, or a reconstructed pallet from the back lot of your Home Depot (LOL), wood can offer a classic yet rustic ambiance for your venue.


I’ll admit it, I am biased when it comes to this particular type of signage, as I used pallet wood for my own wedding. With such a blank canvas, there are endless options when it comes to personalizing. Take color for instance- pallets are stripped down wood, but when you add a stain to the pieces, they take on a completely new look! This provides you with a ton of different options to match many different color schemes. Once you decide on a color you can start looking for a font! Being that I did not physically make my signs myself, I won’t get into the process. Creating your own signs can be rewarding, but it definitely requires a lot, such as the ability to print and paint stencils. Therefore, outsourcing may be the way to go!

When it comes to signage, you can do as much, or as little as you’d like! Endless are the amount of potential possibilities. The most popular signs gracing ceremonies far and wide are the seating signs. You can use the standard, “Pick a Seat, Not a Side, We’re All Family Once the Knot is Tied”, or “Pick a Seat, Either Side, You’re Loved by Both the Groom and Bride”. It was the decision of my husband and I to try and use a phrase that hadn’t been featured as much, so we went with-

“There are No Sides, Only Seats, Thank You for Making Our Big Day Complete”.


Depending on other festivities you have going on during your big day, you can choose to incorporate a directional to let guest know which way to head for Dancing, Cocktails, and in our case a Bonfire and some Corn Hole too!


Another great way to tie this concept together throughout your event is to think about an alternative guest book. We had guests sign a board we had made with some fun metallic markers, and now it hangs in our living room as wall art and a wonderful reminder of that amazing day.


Kay R. – Floral Designer for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events

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